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What is this?

This module is a PaulsRobot version of Alan C. Walter's "Clean Slate" procedure. It is pretty close to the current (May 2012) version found on the Knowledgism site.

What is it used for?

Clean Slate was originally developed to help students assimilate what they were studying, and it can still be used for that purpose. It can also be used to "clean" pretty much any topic, including physical objects. For example, if someone freaks out at the sight of a gun, or blood, or a computer, it can be applied to that purpose.

What's the "official" description?

From the Knowledgism dictionary entry:
  • n. The purpose of the Clean Slate Procedure is to unlock and upgrade each client's awareness, knowledge, and experience and the freeing of life-force particles on specific areas and subjects of life. (Clean Slate Series 1)
  • Clean Slate takes away those intentions and precepts that create a separation from the upscaleness of life and your personal psychic powers. (Practice Building Series 3)
  • A clean slate is a non-envisioned upon, or non-imprinted upon collection of holographic-potentialed life-force particles that are available for future imprint of knowledge, senses, perceptions, motion, forms, whos, whats, wheres, whens, hows, and whys. (New Culture Series 1)