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BasicR3X is useful

This Rub & Yawn BasicR3X module can be used to address any topic. You can address virtually any topic with one of these four PaulsRobot modules: Core, HeavyDuty, BasicR3X and Morph.

BasicR3X combines the power of the 6-direction technique with the usefulness of a personal time-stream recreation and run-through technique. This still allows an in-depth re-experiencing and discharging of incidents or feelings.

Past lives still available

The more esoteric parts of the Full R3X procedure are not included in this BasicR3X module. But this BasicR3X procedure will still allow the user to run incidents from past lives, the procedure being identical to that for this-lifetime incidents. By honing in on very deep-seated feelings, BasicR3X is possibly the best procedure here at PaulsRobot for digging up past lives and making access to these more readily available to the individual.

Rub & Yawn recommended

Rub & Yawn is an optional part of this module, as it is not native to R3X and the purist might prefer not to include it. However, it is recommended that you use it copiously as R3X all by itself tends to devastate havingness.

Lifetime Scanning

This module includes Lifetime Scanning.