Paul giving a session

Common: Pre-Session - 1/6 - Enough Sleep/Rest

AUDIO: (No audio)

Response Options:

Yes, it's OK, I'm not tired

To be honest, I'd love a nap!

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PaulsRobot XXXXX (The module name, for example Core or Morph)

Mkgfhd Plokta (Your name)

YYYY/MM/DD or XX/XX/XXXX (The date)

Lpok jjhfdjd nfdjgew bhgbwdf ghug... (The instructions for this session, such as "Handle the upset over Mary")

Well-rested? OK/Not OK


Are you well rested? Have you had enough sleep? You are not tired?

These are serious questions. We are going to be manipulating thoughts and images in your mind that normally have command value over you. The online sessions given by this PaulsRobot system — if you are willing to follow it — will allow you to master some images and associated ideas that up to now have been mastering you.

We will do this by directly looking at and discharging harmful energy from your mind that was connected to these images and ideas. If you try to do this while you are tired or short of sleep, it isn't likely to work well at all.