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ID = Identity Processing Program

This ID module is derived (with thanks!) from a January 25, 2016 memo from Dexter Gelfand. The memo is part of the module, linked here for reference if you want to see it.

From that memo:

Anytime the client has just been run on any form of incident processing . . . some form of this question can and should be asked:

"Is there some identity/persona/beingness you came to wear after encountering/experiencing (the material of the base incident just processed)?"

Far more often than not, the answer will be "Yes", and an identity that has been dominating much of the client’s presence, attitude and behavior will now be available for processing and resolution. The resultant restoration of self through this procedure [is] of such magnitude that it falls upon the processor’s shoulders to avail the client of these gains at every opportunity.

Auditor voice

The module is voiced principally by Lucy (our resident computer voice talent), with the USH 2.0 (Unwanted Sensations Handling) parts mostly voiced by Dex.

Contact Dex

Dex can be contacted, maybe to arrange a live session, via his website at