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Morph is one of four general modules

This Rub & Yawn Morph module can be used to address any topic. It is one of the four general PaulsRobot modules that can be applied to virtually any topic: Core, HeavyDuty, Morph and BasicR3X.

Overall purpose

The overall idea of Morph is for you to change many, many aspects of your topic. To the extent that you can change it at will, to that extent it will lose whatever power it has over you.


Morph includes 114 different ways of manipulating the factors making up a topic. It uses Rub & Yawn visualization techniques separate to the 6-direction technique, namely Attitude (2 options); Color (10 options); Condition (6 options); Dimension (10 options); Emotion (6 options); Location (8 options); Motion (14 options); Pain (2 options); People (2 options); Sensation (2 options); Shape (6 options); Size (4 options); Smell (2 options); Sound (6 options); Space (6 options); Taste (2 options); Time (4 options); Transform (10 options); Universe (10 options); View (2 options).

Each variation is explained when you get to it.