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ACW: This ACW directory is mainly a container for ACW session modules, but does also contain a few separate general pages, such as an ACW FAQ, and an ACW glossary.

List1: This List1 module is the original list developed by Alan C. Walter around 1963 that became the famous (Scn) L1C list. Note that List1 only addresses auditing, while the L1C was expanded to include general upsets.

Pono: A relatively simple PaulsRobot version of Alan's version of the Ho'oponopono version created by Dr. Hew Len. It assumes that one is 100% responsible for the situations one is involved in with other people, and therefore by working on a relevant non-optimum condition within oneself one can also improve the condition of another who is not physically present in the session or even necessarily aware of it.

Prez: A PaulsRobot version of Alan's four "De-DOT" Presence processes, aimed at separating out the user and his/her own identities and other persons and identities, especially those who have tried to reduce the user's reach. If needed, see the ACW glossary for a definition of DOT. (74 pages, available now)

Slate: A relatively simple PaulsRobot version of Alan's famous Clean Slate procedure. This was originally developed to help a student assimilate whatever he was studying, but it can be used to try to "clean" more or less anything that causes an adverse reaction on the user. For excample, they might freak out at the sight of a gun, or blood, or a computer.

This is not the only way of addressing an untoward reaction, but it is one method. Once one has become familiar with it, then other uses will present themselves in the future. (48 pages, available now)

Ush: (Unpleasant Sensation Handling) A procedure intended to be used for any physical or emotional pain or sensation, including feelings and moods. This was originated by ACW, and this particular version is per a revision by Roger Boswarva and Dexter Gelfand. It currently uses a computer-generated female voice.

Win: Win is based on the ACW write-up in Win Series 2, 27 August 1996 Revised 12 January 2001, CELEBRATION OF REGAINED ABILITIES, STATES AND WINS PROCEDURE. The procedure can be used on each regained ability, state, and win until all are fully owned and willing to be used and known.

Win2: This is an implementation of ACW's Help Series 2, FUTURE ALIGNMENT PROCESS. this issue states, "The product of this procedure is a person who can implement the abilities they have regained from training and processing to help create expanding futures for self and others." This process is often run directly after the procedure in Win module, but it can be run on its own too.

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