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The Troubleshooting instructions are for your use when a PaulsRobot session bogs, i.e., it has not been going well and you have not been able to fix it.

You might be amazed at the number of people who refuse to do any steps that aren't a quick brush-off. And then wonder why the trouble isn't resolved yet.

Anyway, here is the expert recommendation that has been found to be most effective:

  1. End the current bogged session.
  2. Get up, leave the house, and have a good walk around outside looking at things in the environment (trees, houses, the sky etc.) until you feel somewhat better, at least for now. While walking around try and keep your attention on the things you are looking at or listening to outside right now and not so much on your internal thoughts or feelings. You can combine this with a shopping trip, or picking up the kids from school, or something like that, but you have to look at things in the environment.
  3. Look over the instructions for the PaulsRobot module you were using to make sure you were doing the session procedure correctly. Read any relevant PaulsRobot FAQs too.
  4. If no fix yet, get ready for a troubleshooting session, preferably as soon as possible after the one that didn't go so well but try not to leave it over 24 hours.

Notes (continued):

Getting ready means make sure you are:
  • well-rested and not tired
  • well-fed and not hungry
  • not under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • relatively free from distractions (no urgent chore you should be doing, no kids or pets running around, no sudden traffic noises, no people looking over your shoulder, etc.)
  • fairly willing to have a session from PaulsRobot and follow the instructions as given.
  1. If the issue is not resolved yet, do a PaulsRobot Core session as the first troubleshooting session action. Use the regular Rub & Yawn procedure, including the 6-direction technique, to thoroughly cover the period of your life since the last good session. Do not quickie this step. The idea is to clear up all the charge (harmful emotional and mental energy) between when you were last doing well in session and now. Include the bogged session, but note that the main reason for the bog may well lie earlier than the point you realized it wasn't going well. If you have never had a good session, start from a point in your life when you were doing well. If you have never had a point in your life when you were doing well, start from the best point you can find.
  2. If no fix yet, and you have honestly done all the previous steps thoroughly, do the PaulsRobot Repair List in session for the next troubleshooting session, including doing the session actions specified. This list includes possible reasons for trouble in session that you might not have considered.
  3. Do any further out-of-session actions as indicated in your troubleshooting session(s).
  4. If still no resolution, try a different PaulsRobot module or seek professional help.