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#Ph3 #rub #RAW #6dir #acting #talk #most topics #heavy #poles #LL
Link to 1st/Module-list page for description of modules and key to colour-tags.

Mega is a one-stop-shop module. It utilises user-appropriate Lifelists to selectively trigger and discharge hot topics one by one, over many sessions. Once a hot topic has been found, the user can pick and choose among 14 modules to help discharge it, namely Core, Rog, HeavyDuty, Morph, BasicR3X, Dipoles, Psycho, Ruds, Int/Ext/Stay by Groups, FDS, Slate, Pono, Prez and Ush. Every module will not be suitable for every topic, and one should already be familiar with any module before using it on a hot topic.

Rub & Yawn is a very necessary part of this module to help in the discharge. Mega is not at all suitable for entry-level use as not only does the user need to be up to Phase 3 work, but he also needs to be very familiar with the modules he will be using.

Expert use

Despite the prohibitions, this gateway module will be very useful for the PaulsRobot expert, especially as more and more Lifelists become available for use.