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#Ph3 #rub #RAW #6dir #talk #entry #heavy #LL

The name is probably only temporary. This module addresses Phases 0, 1, 2, and 3 [see glossary], but is expected to be used mainly for Phase 3 work. The Phase 3 part utilises user-appropriate and user-selectable Lifelists to individually trigger and discharge hot topics one by one, over many sessions.

Rub & Yawn is a very necessary part of this module to help in the discharge. It is suitable for entry-level (more or less) use, provided the user is up to Phase 3 work, and the Reach and Withdraw is suitable for any heavy topics dug up in using the Lifelists.

The main procedures used in this module to discharge a hot topic are Reach & Withdraw, the 6-Direction technique, and Rog.