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What is this?

ExpARCSW comes from the cult of Scientology (Scn).


A = Affinity; R = Reality; C = Communication. Scn holds that these are the three component parts of Understanding.


This level uses straight memory as its main technique. The term "Straightwire" is used to signify stringing a wire directly from the here-and-now to the memory.


Originally there was just one procedure intended to help bring about an improved ability to remember things. After a while this got expanded to a dozen procedures. This ExpARCSW module includes the other procedures too.

Notes (continued):

Where does it fit in?

If you are doing the standard Scn program, called "The Bridge" or "The Grade Chart," then after some preliminary stuff one does "The Expanded Grades." The first Grade is this one, Expanded ARC Straighwire. Then come Expanded Grade 0, Expanded Grade 1 etc. up to 4.

Should I do it?

It's up to you. Note that this whole module is pretty much written in cultspeak, so you might have to learn some new words and concepts along the way.

How about Rub & Yawn?

Rub & Yawn was developed 50 years after these procedures ("processes"). It would probably help them along enormously, but it doesn't natively belong with them. There is nothing to stop you incorporating Rub & Yawn into them, although you wouldn't be doing them "properly" if you did so.