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My dream is that millions of people use free Rub & Yawn stress-release procedures to improve their lives — Paul

Isn't Scientology an abusive cult?


So why is it part of PaulsRobot?

Scientology (Scn) was set up to masquerade as a self-help philosophy and organization. It attracted thousands of people of good will, not involved with abusing others, many of whom invested decades of their lives into developing useful procedures to address and improve mental "baggage."

That this wholesome effort was hijacked for nefarious purposes does not diminish the usefulness of some of its procedures. And remember that Scn's heyday was before the Internet made researching a large group easier.

Who are these procedures for?

It is expected that various categories of people will make use of at least some of the Scn procedures included in PaulsRobot:


Scientologists (Scios) are people already familiar with Scientology to a greater or lesser extent. Duh. Many Scios would like to receive the benefits of Scn procedures (processes), but for various reasons have not been able to do so. One reason is their expense, as Expanded Grades can run for several hundred hours and if purchased from a professional auditor (processor, facilitator, practitioner) that can add up to a lot of money.


Although no longer believing wholeheartedly in Scn, many exes are still curious about the possible benefits from getting auditing on the "lower levels/Expanded Grades."

The curious

Some people who have never-been-a-Scio are curious as to what Scn auditing entails, but wouldn't dream of setting foot in an offical Scn organization or seeking out an unofficial auditor in the field. This category includes those with problems of various kinds who wonder if some Scn process or other would help them with their particular concern.

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Scn Home

This page you are reading now.


A basic FAQ about Scn on PaulsRobot.

Module list

A list of the Scn modules available at PaulsRobot, including the PaulsRobot1 ones and those included in this PaulsRobot3 Scn cluster. This module list includes a brief description of each.

Scn glossary

A glossary of Scn terms as used on PaulsRobot.

Sample sessions

Some real sessions using PaulsRobot Scn modules.

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A duplicate of the main PaulsRobot3 page with the same name.

Rub & Yawn and Scientology

Most Scn processes were developed in the 1950s and 1960s, with some refinements in the 1970s. Rub & Yawn was developed decades later in 2006. It would probably help Scn processes along enormously, but it doesn't natively belong with them. There is nothing to stop you incorporating Rub & Yawn into them, although you wouldn't be doing them "properly" if you did so.

Where are the commands taken from?

The regular Scn commands are pretty much all taken from Clearbird's Road to Clear, easily locatable online.