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Some odd words

This IntExtStay module includes some strange words occasionally, or at least, regular words with odd meanings, such as engram. These words will be familiar to almost all of the people expected to be making use of this particular module. If you don't know them, and can't find the meanings fairly easily, email me.

IntExtStay includes Interiorization rundowns

Sometimes people get hung up on Interiorization, something to do with having trouble moving into things. This module contains the two standard familiar rundowns (complete series of counselling actions), and also two more general rundowns to catch stuff that the standard approaches might miss.

End of Endless Interiorization Repair Rundown

• aka Recall Int Rundown. This is the most gentle approach, supposedly suitable for the largest number of cases. It addresses Interiorization through recalls only.

Int Rundown with Engram Running

• aka R3X Int Rundown. This is a deeper approach, addressing the topic of Interiorization through engram running. R3X is an expanded version of R3R, more suitable for PaulsRobot than straight R3R.

Extended Int Rundown

• aka General IntExtStay Rundown. This rundown is based on intentions. Running an intention using a Repeater technique brings to view many incidents involving that same intention and these can all be discharged in one go.

The theory that only Int is important seems to be inaccurate. This rundown allows you to also address Ext and Staying There, using additional buttons, if these areas are found to be charged.

Another Extended Int Rundown

• aka IntExtStay by Groups Rundown (includes IntExtStay by Dynamics). This allows a more detailed insight into and discharge of IntExtStay intentions and incidents, by assessing across 16 groups of items (the 8 Dynamics, the Havingness Scale, Scale of Confront etc.)


You have the option of running these actions addressing ownership issues if you wish.