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My dream is that millions of people use free Rub & Yawn stress-release procedures to improve their lives — Paul

Why woo-woo?

Because many people consider these two areas of (1) subtle energy and extended human anatomy (aura etc.), and (2) the Spirit world, to be best described in that way.

Why is it part of PaulsRobot?

Because Paul, the guy behind PaulsRobot, considers the things he adds to PaulsRobot to be worthy of study and use. This does not mean that anything labeled "woo-woo" by people will make the cut — far from it.

Who are these woo-woo procedures for?

Anyone who wants to use them. This would include the curious, who may be exploring themselves to see what makes them tick.

Rub & Yawn and woo-woo modules

Most of the woo-woo procedures here require a very delicate touch in order to work. In other words, if your attention is on anything banal like the pain in your foot or some trouble at work there will be too much "noise" for you to be able to perceive anything relevant.


On the SUSHI scale (will open in a new window here if you need to refer to it) you would probably need a plus score of maybe +6 or better in order to get anywhere with the subtle energy aspects of a woo-woo module. An exception is the ColorBreathing module, which is more forgiving.

Subtle energy mode of Rub & Yawn

Rub & Yawn is mostly used for gross energy interchange and discharge. However, it can be used in a subtle energy mode — for example, instead of rubbing the hands together one can sort of "clap" them while the palms are a foot or so apart and one will (hopefully) feel the interplay of the different auric field boundaries passing through the backs of the hands.

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This page you are reading now.


A basic FAQ about woo-woo items on PaulsRobot.

Module list

A list of the woo-woo modules available at PaulsRobot, including the PaulsRobot1 ones, the PaulsRobot2 ones, and those included in this PaulsRobot3 woo-woo cluster. This module list includes a brief description of each.

Woo-woo glossary

A glossary of woo-woo terms as used on PaulsRobot.

Sample sessions

Some real sessions using PaulsRobot woo-woo modules.

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