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Great! Let's do the full pre-session check to make sure I'm ready for the session.

I'm familiar with what is needed and I am in shape physically for the session. I've set up the session environment. Let's go!

Lemme outta here!


Self-discipline needed

It is easier to benefit from a List1 (or any PaulsRobot) session if you know what to expect and are prepared for it. It has been made as easy as possible for you, but you will have to use some degree of self-discipline in order to be successful. More so than with a human counsellor, because there is no-one in the room with you to keep you in the session doing what you should be doing.

Preparations before the session

Before doing a List1 session, it is important to prepare for the session, not so much mentally but physically. This means:
  • having had enough rest and sleep so that you are not physically tired at the time of the session
  • having had enough nutritious food so that you are well-fed
  • not being under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • having enough time for the session
  • being in an environment relatively free from distractions, i.e., no kids or pets running around, no sudden loud noises, no people looking over your shoulder etc.
  • being willing to follow the instructions given.

Not a luxury

These requirements may seem like a luxury, but a session may fail simply because one or more of them has not been adequately met. An obvious example would be if you are drunk and cannot focus your attention at all, but each of the above factors is important. They are not absolute, but should be kept in mind, and taken care of as best as you can before a session. There are more details on these points in the relevant pre-session pages.

Your "topic"

What you will be addressing in a PaulsRobot session is called your "topic." It is whatever you wish to address, whether lightweight or heavy. List1 tends to work better on heavier topics than lighter ones. However, it's your choice.

What is helpful and what is not

Not so helpful

Sitting and *thinking* at length about your topic is not really very therapeutic. Nor is getting lost in writing a huge long "paragraph" about your topic. Most people have been chewing on their concerns for months or years without too much benefit.


What is helpful is simply following the instructions and doing the commands as given and clicking the appropriate link for the next command.

Notes (continued)

Rub & Yawn

Most (but not all) PaulsRobot modules include Rub & Yawn as an important part of each one.

The discharges will be visible as yawns, or sighs, or other obvious physical actions. The "Rub" part of Rub & Yawn — you vigorously rub your hands together, rub your chest, your back, your arms and legs, take your shoes off and rub your feet on the carpet, s-t-r-e-t-c-h, push down on the table, squeeze your chair etc. — seems to stimulate the body into drawing in the fresh energy it needs from the environment.

While doing the rubbing and visualizing of your topic as directed by whichever screen you are looking at there are basically three things that can happen (see below). You will click on whichever link is appropriate, and this will determine the next screen you will see and direction you will receive.

Three possible reactions

Assuming that Rub & Yawn actually works with you (if not, take a look at this section [red box, on the right] on having trouble with Rub & Yawn), once you have put your attention fully on a topic, have chewed it around a bit to make it real to yourself with examples of how it could apply in your own life, and have done a bit of vigorous rubbing with your attention still on it, there are basically three and only three things that can happen:

1. Nothing worth mentioning

This means the topic is either uncharged/undercharged or inaccessible right now. Just dump it and go onto something else more worthy of your time and attention.

2. You start to shut down

Whoa! This means your topic is overcharged and needs URGENT action or you could easily just fall asleep on the spot. It won't kill you (don't do this while driving!) but it wastes your time. Hit the red "Shutting down" link, STAND UP! and then rub stuff firmly and yawn for as long as needed to get rid of the shutting down. You will still have to reduce the heavy charge with the ongoing session actions, but you will have successfully dealt with that effect of it for now.

3. Discharges start to come off

This means your topic is just right, neither undercharged nor overcharged. Rub & Yawn away and have a great session!

Follow the instructions!

PaulsRobot in general, and List1 in particular, are 21st century developments. They are new, and unfamiliar. The more you ignore the instructions and try to wing it, the worse the session will go. Similarly, the more familiar you are with the procedures and what you are supposed to be doing, the better the session will go.

When all else fails, follow the instructions


Session end point

The point at which you should end off the session is covered in the List1 session end point page. You can always have further sessions later on, but often a session will not go so well if it is continued past its natural ending point.