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PaulsRobot3   1st: Downloads

My dream is that you use free Rub & Yawn stress-release procedures today and in the future to improve your life — Paul


PaulsRobot is based on web pages, including images and audio clips. There have been three comprehensive versions, best referred to as PaulsRobot1, PaulsRobot2 and PaulsRobot3. The PaulsRobot system requires the audio to play as soon as the next page is loaded — background sound — without any additional action required from the user. It is possible to get by without the audio, but the sessions are much more realistic and effective with the sound working.

In 2012 the plan was to upgrade all PaulsRobot pages into PaulsRobot3 versions and have them widely distributed so that they are easily available and never get lost to the world. The upgrade was completed in 2014 except for the Scn Objectives pages and one of the weird woo-woo modules. The distribution is ongoing.

The various modules are described here. Just skip over the ones that seem too strange to you. :)

These files can be downloaded from the internet, or accessed on a CD/DVD or flash drive etc. You can check online for the latest versions at


PaulsRobot1 files — here is an online example — are simple web pages and have background sound in mp3 files. The sound may or may not play depending on which browser you are using. There are no .exe files.


PaulsRobot2 was an online-only system discontinued early in 2013. All the useful PaulsRobot2 modules have been converted and added to PaulsRobot3.


PaulsRobot3 files are simple web pages and again have background sound in mp3 files. There are no .exe files. The sound should play in any modern browser.


PaulsRobot4 is really a PaulsRobot-lite site, first online in April 2014, hosted at the central How the site displays depends on the width of the user's browser. This makes it more friendly to mobile users. The session pages come in two versions: audio/desktop and silent/mobile. The audio should work with any modern browser. The sessions use three simple but effective Rub & Yawn procedures: Reach & Withdraw on a topic, 6-Direction, and Rogerian. The non-session pages use normal in-browser JavaScript to allow a modern navigation bar and also sliding content.

Downloads - PaulsRobot1 files

Downloads - PaulsRobot3 files

All to date

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PaulsRobot3 basic framework, Antago, Core, Dipoles, HeavyDuty, Morph, BasicR3X, NotTooShabbyPower, Psycho, Rog, RAWRogers, Rizzo, Mega, Scn/Ruds, Scn/ExpARCSW, Scn/ExpGrade0, Scn/IntExtStay, Scn/FDS, Woowoo/ColorBreathing, Woowoo/LovedOne, Woowoo/RAW4, Woowoo/SpotAnAngel, ACW/Slate, ACW/List1, ACW/Pono, ACW/Prez, ACW/Ush, ACW/Win, ACW/Win2, Dex/ID, Dex/Ush2, AltVoices/Core-Lucy, AltVoices/Ruds-Lucy, AltVoices/Rog-Lucy: 7950+ files, approx. 350 MB

MD5 hash = 75c339019f128a74726865ba91018bf4 (if you don't know what this is, don't worry about it)


An updated "AllToDate" zip file is released when a new module is released or significant changes are made, maybe every six months or year.

You should just replace your old version with the latest one. Feel free to archive the old one somewhere if you wish. PaulsRobot3 online will always show the most recent updates, even before the next zip file is released.