Paul giving a session

PaulsRobot3   1st: Sample Sessions

My dream is that you use free Rub & Yawn stress-release procedures today and in the future to improve your life — Paul


These are PaulsRobot session notes, and won't make much sense without being familiar with the procedure. They are all genuine sessions, not faked ones. I've added a few explanatory notes, but can't explain everything here — PA 12 Oct 2008

Here is a list of the session types, dates, and users. Some sessions were done by me (Paul). Some were done by Robert of and are published with his permission. I'll publish session reports from other people too if they are sent in. :)

Left column
Dipoles - Paul - 2008-05-19
Dipoles - Paul - 2008-05-24
Dipoles - Robert - 2008-12-05
Dipoles - Robert - 2008-12-10
NotTooShabbyPower - Paul - 2008-04-28
NotTooShabbyPower - Paul - 2008-05-01
NotTooShabbyPower - Robert - 2008-12-??
BasicR3X - Robert - 2008-12-04
BasicR3X - Robert - 2008-12-11
IntExtStay - Robert - 2012-02-21
IntExtStay - Robert - 2012-02-21
Mega (==>Core) - F**B*** - 2012-05-18
Mega (==>FDS, HeavyDuty) - F**B*** - 2012-05-19


Dipoles - Paul - 2008-05-19



Topic: TBD (To be determined)

Well-rested? OK
Well-fed? OK
No drugs/alcohol? OK
No distractions? OK
Enough time? OK
Willing? OK
Else? OK

9:51pm late...whoopsie...
TITS (= This Is The Session, i.e. start of session)

B/D/H? (B/D/H = What would you most like to be/do/have in life?) A good wife!
opposite? Be alone

-ve Y +Y -Y +Y (embracing the negative and positive poles/opposites; Y = yawn)
-Y +Y note that the +ve stuff I'm picturing so far has not included sex as part of it AT ALL. That's VERY interesting.

-ve Y +Y -Y +Y
-Y +Y -Y +Y
-Y +Y -Y it's looking like the two poles are sort of fusing together as one — hard to separate out the two now.

+Y - kinda out of the body now, time to end off.

Say? First time I got the idea of the fusion - it's happened before and this time I remembered the idea from someone writing about it as some sort of end point but I didn't believe it.

Also I wasn't expecting this as a pair to come up but it ran nicely and is actually important considering how much it actually derails my life! Analytically I don't think it's important, but that isn't really the point, is it? This procedure is VALUABLE.

10:08pm EOS

Dipoles - Paul - 2008-05-24



Topic: TBD (To be determined)

Well-rested? OK
Well-fed? OK
No drugs/alcohol? OK
No distractions? OK
Enough time? OK
Willing? OK
Else? OK

9:25 pm


B/D/H? Be successful
-ve "FAIL!"

fail: Y suc: Y -ve Y +Y
-Y +Y needs more rub, can't get off yawns properly. Remedy? Just rub, attention on nothing in particular. SUPPRESS yawns...

OK, feel better, back to subject matter.

+Y -Y +Y -Y +Y -Y
+Y -Y going into past lives now and just trying concepts rather than specific incidents.

+Y spiritual now, reaching out across spiritual space to beings
-Y (as spiritual being again) :)
hard to get concept of "succeed/fail"
guess that's the end point for now. :)

Say? Good stuff. MUST do sessions daily and especially if feel depressed or not doing well.

9:41 EOS

Dipoles - Robert - 2008-12-05


pauls robot dipoles module

robert ..





Attn? I H M



N - y Py Ny laugh Plaugh Ny y P y smile Ny laugh laughing P y N y laugh P y smile N y P smile/yawn N y laugh smile

cog feeling happy

P yy Nsmile Py smile Ny laugh laughing smiling cog ok it's good

cog i feel free it's wonderful

Attn? I'm a loser

i'm a winner
i'm a loser

loser - y , y
winner - y laugh

cog - loser has idea of being ran over with it

winner - y, y
loser - y smile feeling happy,

cog it's ok for me to be a winner - happy smile

winner y

cog - they are starting to get mixed up in my mind which is which - smile

loser - y

cog - the distance between winner and loser is now shorter in my mind. they are basically the same, just labels. smiles

cog i feel free and happy, but worried it will come back

winner - smile, smile,
loser - yy smile, y smile laugh,

cog - wow i'm very happy - i like this !! smile

cant stop smiling ...that should be good

ATTN? i'm not good enough


NEG - Im not good enough
pos - i'm totally powerful and competent and loved by all.

NEG - y sigh smile
power - sigh smile

cog feelling very happy - smiling laughing

ATTN? trouble with job


neg - trouble with job
pos - easy success with job

troub wi job - y sigh smile
easy success - y sigh

cog - i've had the feeling of effort keeping these two away from each SMILE

alright I feel better, I like this a LOT !!

Attn? conflict between pleasing wife and succeeding

Pleasing wife - yy, yy smile, smile Y, y laugh it's so easy - i love her - smile, y smile, smile laugh,

succeeding - smile, y smile, smile y laugh, y , y, laugh - 1 min,

cog i feel freed up with this ! very happy things seem easy now

Attn? y

Attn? spk smile










Dipoles - Robert - 2008-12-10


OK to start, a little hungry, but i think will be ok

SOS 10:52am

check bdh
pos - freedom

neg - constraint and limitation

10:53am- freedom / constraint and limitation

constraint: y, y smile laugh,

freedom: smile y smile laugh,

cog (cog = cognition/realization) - there is no constraint, only freedom, incl freed to be constrained.


smile !!

freedom: smile y,

constraint: y laugh,

cog — freedom and constraint are the same

freedom: laugh smile laugh y y smile laugh, y smile,

constraint: y smile yy smile,

cog — whatever the circumstance whether it's freedom or constraint [it] lives in my mind, and is up to me. Thus I can always be free !!

10:59 am

ending off due to time constraints


say? This is really fun! I am both constrained and free and both are ok!




NotTooShabbyPower - Paul - 2008-04-28



Topic: TBD (To be determined: whatever I fancy from the full list after session start)

Well-rested? OK
Well-fed? OK
No drugs/alcohol? OK
No distractions? OK
Enough time? OK
Willing? OK
Else? OK

9:32 pm TITS

#9 I know/I know not

Not: Y pix of school, being told ignorant
K: Y
N:Y times I've said to self I don't know something
N:Y (as above)
K:Y times I have known, others (mum) has complained about it
N:Y uni exam, couldn't do it
K:Y spiritual connections to others :)
N:Y (re sex stuff, women thinking good of me)
K:x this PAIR is flat (i.e. discharged) for now, but the whole subject isn't. Can continue on in session OK for a bit.

#10: Cause/Full Effect

FE: Y C:x

too blown out to continue for now. :)

9:49 Say? no. wowza. great stuff. 2 steps works much better than 3. (The 2 steps was in reference to how to run the procedure as I was experimenting at the time.)

9:50 EOS

Condition? Blown out. Hot stuff! Definitely good to choose which pair and not just do the next one in sequence.

NotTooShabbyPower - Paul - 2008-05-01



Topic: TBD (To be determined: whatever I fancy from the full list after session start)

Well-rested? OK
Well-fed? OK
No drugs/alcohol? OK
No distractions? OK
Enough time? OK
Willing? OK
Else? OK

9:28 pm TITS

Topic: Love All/Love None

None: Y (no-one loving me)
All: Y (everyone loving me)
None: Y (better change wording to no love) (I was referring to the wording in the module.)
All: Y
N: Y
A: Y bountiful love
N: Y A:Y
N:Y no-one wants my love - rejecting it - i.e. being able to have my love accepted doesn't work. Thank God for family.

N:Y A:Y N: x it's getting harder to get this lower-scale concept
A: x (Feeling good, calm, expansive etc.) Time to end off. Good stuff.

9:42 EOS

Condition? Good. As above.

NotTooShabbyPower - Robert - 2008-12-??


C/S - items from general list

OK I assume Robert means the sessionabliity points like food/sleep etc. are OK — Paul


top / bottom

SOS 6:52pm

bottom - y, y laugh,

top - y laugh, y laugh

cog — there doesn't seem to be any difference between them.


new pair - fewest / most

fewest - y laugh,

most - y laugh smile

cog - i'm in love with life ... all things and experiences are equal. 6:56pm (EOS)

Basic R3X

BasicR3X - Robert - 2008-12-04

C/S R3X Rel #1


Ok to start


locate inc - ok
2005 to present sigh, y
move * y
dur 3.5 yrs laugh sigh smile laugh
b4 y laugh i feel free laugh

cog the whole thing freed up, is ok...not erased but ok
want to end because it's ok now, and I'm feeling tired because it's late


11:57 pm

Say? I feel freed up about this relationship, very happy.


BasicR3X - Robert - 2008-12-11

Lifetime Scanning with R3X - WOW !!!


R3x 12/11/2008

C/S - LIfetime scanning

OK to start

2:30 pm


locate x
when? this lifetime from age 3 to curr Y Y
move Y smile laugh smile
dur 38 years Y y
B4 yY laugh smile Ysigh smile laugh

2:41 pm
--- break for distraction
--- 3:09 resume

thru: yyyylaughyyy
hap? y grew up through school kids laugh high school laugh moved back home worked several jobs, laughed, moved out, corp job, laid off, new job,, sigh new place, smile


A / y laugh
b/ y y smile
r/ laugh
l / yyy
F / ylaugh
Bh / yyy smile


A / ylaugh
cog - feeling very happy and bright now !! smiling


-----break ----

resume 5:35 pm

A - y
B - y
R - y laugh
L - y laugh
F - y laugh
Bh - y laugh
very happy

A - y laugh
B - y laugh 30 sec
R - y laugh 3 min sigh smile !
L - y sigh y smile laugh
F - y laugh
B - y smiile - i'm so happy i love it

A - y smile
B - y smile -- getting more of the panaramo to move around
R - y sigh smile
L - y very happy
F - a little sad, y smile
Bh - y laugh smile

A - y laugh
B - y laugh smile whew !!
R - y laugh cog - i am totally at cause in my mind !!
L - y smile cog i can put things whereever i want them smile
F - y - laugh - if you put them far enough out there, there is no mind
bh - y smile

i'm running my whole life at once !!

A - y laugh, cog - nothing matters
B - y i'm free of the representations of my life
R - y laugh this is so much fun !!
L - y laugh cog - i feel so free
F - y laugh cog i can move anything, anywhere in my mind smile = freedom
Bh - sigh smile i'm totally free laugh


6;18 pm

starting to get hungry, will end off for now

say? I love this stuff. This sesssion really freed me up and empowered me !!! Quite amazing really. Very simple process, and I addressed my whole life. You can clear your whole life up in one shot this way !!

smiling, and I feel good !!


IntExtStay - Robert - 2012-02-21

Date 2012/02/21 a
Session C/S: Progress with End of Endless Int Repair

Pauls Robot3 Session.

10:36 am

Basic check - OK, doing at work so will have
to end at first point ok to do so.

a little frustrated with saving file. ... ack it blew

Else? kind of under the surface anger that I hope this session
will handle. Sort of trying Int as a handling rather than
more standard actions

SOS - 10:39 am

how doing: genrally feel powerful, a little work stressed,

10:40 am Recall Int RD

assessing buttons with muscle testing

W = weak
S = strong

go in W
went in S
Put In S
Interiorized into something W, after writing check again..S
want to go in S
cant' get in W
kicked out of spaces S
can't go in S
being trapped S
forced in W
pulled in S
Pushed In W


Will Start with Go

10:43 am

F1 W
F2 S
F3 S
f0 S

Y = yawn
x = command
F1 x..YY, xY only vague dark images YY
x Y fleeting images, image of toilet Y
x Y i can't recall a time Y
kind of feel thick, heavy, sludgy and sad
image of cable spool
x feel hiding Y laugh smile laugh
involuntary laughing


Yawn, smile

cog I feel happy and excited !!

need to end soon

checking for yawns

Y, Y , Y Y
Laughing and happy

big smile

have to get some work done too :)

very nice quick gain feel much more empowered
Love it!!!

Thanks Paul! You Rock, This was a great quick session
more work to do on this to get all the buttons in,
good progress. I feel happy!

end of session
10:52 am

IntExtStay - Robert - 2012-02-21

2012 - 02-21
Pauls Robot - IntExtStay

C/S - Run 1 button to flat on Int Recall RD

4:51 pm

Else? OK

start of session 4:51 pm

Note: The "W" and "S" mean Weak and Strong, responses from using muscle testing as a means of assessment, which is Robert's preference. (Strong = good = no read here)
Go In - S
Went In - S
Put In - S
Interiorized into Something - S
want to Go In - S
Can't Get In - S
Kicked out of spaces - W
Can't go in - S
Being Trapped - S
forced In - S
Pulled In - S
Pushed In - S

Kicked out of spaces

F1 - M
F2 - W
F3 - S
F0 - S

F2 - Recall a time you kicked another out of spaces

x - spun sister little laugh, smile
x - foggy and spinny and angry and helpless nothing specific, sigh, smile, y
x - treehouse, light push .... mechanized pumpkin . y smile
spontaneous laugh and smile
feels good

4:57pm Y
this flow seems flat

f1 - S
f2 - S
F3- S
F0 - S

Accomplished C/S
Ending off 4:58 pm

check for yawns

YY laugh
this yawn thing feels good laugh
good clean session, feel good. Thank you.
I feel sort of expansively powerful and loved in all directions
Like it!

5:01 pm End of Session

Mega - F**B*** - 2012-05-18

PaulsRobot Mega



Cope with moving from childhood home

Well-rested? OK
Well-fed? OK
No drugs/alcohol? OK
Willing? OK
No distractions? OK
Enough time? OK
Else? OK



How doing? Thinking about my childhood home that I moved from a few months ago, feeling sad about losing the place that held so many good memories for me.

What? Loss of my childhood home
SUDS/SUSHI score -2/10

When? September last year (2011).

Where? At my childhood home and subsequently moving here to my current home.

Landlord increased rent, wanted us out of home. Were told by others that we would be able to stay but then had to leave quickly. Also meant having to leave our neighbours (to whom we had grown close). Had to leave in a hurry, dump everything into boxes for moving. Felt incredibly sad about it all, and about leaving the area where I had grown up for nearly 12 years. Felt angry about landlord. Landlord stood in starecase smugly looking at me while I carried boxes into the van. Became extremely angry and wanted to shout. Neighbours incredibly sad, felt sorry for them and myself and my mother.

14:40 Start core 6-direction

How doing? More angry than at SOS.

Above y
Below zzz
Found it impossible to put topic below me.

Below yy Right y Left y
Topic isn't changing - I remain focussed on the image of landlord standing in staircase.
Front ys Back
Realisation: My anger against the landlord is just caused by my sadness about losing my home, it is silly to be angry about the landlord because I can't change him and I can't do anything about him.
Back y

A y Bl y
Topic focus has changed from landlord to my street with its trees and tram and corner shop, the sun is shining.
R yy L yyy F y
Memory of my mother teaching me to ride my bike.
Bh ys


Feel less sad about the topic now. Realised I do not need to own my home for the good memories to continue

Say? The topic still needs work but it's better than at SOS.

Condition? My anger at the landlord is gone, I am almost amused about him now. Still feel sorry for myself and my mum and my neighbours about us moving, but not as deeply sad as before.

SUDS/SUSHI score 0/10


How doing? Knocked out for now.

End of session

Mega - F**B*** - 2012-05-19

PaulsRobot Mega



Cope with moving from childhood home

Well-rested? OK
Well-fed? OK
No drugs/alcohol? OK
Willing? OK
No distractions? OK
Enough time? OK
Else? OK



How doing? Contemplative (in no negative or positive way) about my topic

SUDS score 0/10

When? Last September (2011)

Where? At my childhood home then moving to my new home.

Remember being annoyed at having to move. Knew that I would be moving further away from the city center, so less convenient location to visit friends or go shopping. Annoyed when arriving to find out tram stop was two kilometers away. Sat in moderately hot car for long time waiting for new landlord to arrive. Ate tomatoes and made a mess. Entered new apartment, was unhappy with everything. Hideous wallpapers, neighbours can look right through windows, 4th floor (had previously lived ground floor), moisture spots on ceiling and wall of living room, no electricity at first. Always windy in front of building. Building is a concrete slab in the middle of countryside, horribly ugly. Whole thing is just ugly.

Realisation: Beauty is a matter of perspective, there is some beauty in everything.

13:23 Start FDS

1. x
2. x
3a. x
3b. x
4. x
5. x
6. x
7. x
8. x
9. Yes. Cannot get the idea out of my head that the building I am in is ugly despite the fact that it was built as architectural art - not sure if this is my genuine opinion.

Subject: My new home and its appearance.
At hand? Yes.
Familiar: Yes.
Procedure? Cleared.

1. x
2. Yes - if the building was built with an artistic intention and art is intended to be beautiful, why do I find the building ugly?

False datum: The building isn't ugly, I think it is ugly because I compare it to my old building, of which I have a warped perception due to the positive memories attached to it.

Source? Self.

When? Since September last year when I saw my new building for the first time.

Where? In front of my new building.

Where source? N/A (self)

You doing? Waiting impatiently, feeling sorry for myself and my mother and being annoyed by the whole incident.

Source doing? N/A (self)

How source look? N/A (self)

More-basic? Yes, earlier-similar: I think of my old building as ideal and flawless.


False datum: I think of my old building emotionally, not detached like with my new building, so when I think of my old building I actually think of the memories attached to it, not the features and properties of the building itself.

Source? Self.

When? When confronted about possibly being forced to move, in about January 2011.

Where? At home in an earnest conversation with my mother.

Where source? N/A (self)

You doing? Listening to my mother about issues with rent and money.

Source doing? N/A (self)

Source look? N/A (self)


Realisation: The two false data above are essentially identical.

More-basic? Yes. Earlier-similar. I think my old building was ideal. It wasn't, it had flaws too, like the thin walls and the rusty pipes and the slow heating and the jammed cellar doors.

False datum: My childhood home building was flawless.

Source? Self.

When? Since I left it, September 2011.


False datum blown: I recognise that my old building was not flawless. I also recognise that my building is rationally not ugly.

Realisation: I still believe it is ugly despite knowing it isn't.

1. x
2. x
3. x
4. x
5. x
6. x
7. x
8. x
9. x
10. x
11. x
12. Yes. I can see that the building is rationally not ugly and yet I believe that it is ugly - my opinion surpasses rationality.

Realisation: The building isn't an end-in itself, it is an organic part of its surroundings. The trees and grass and fields around it and the flowers and plants and decorations on its balconies add up to its beauty. It is not a mere concrete slab.

False datum: The building is self-contained, a separate entity from its environment.

False datum blown.


Realisation: The building is beautiful due to its surroundings.

Rubbing. Several yawns. laugh. This isn't ugly, it's so beautiful! The nature is stunning!

SUSHI score: +1/10

zzz yyyy [zzz = shutting down]

14:04 Start HeavyDuty


R y W laugh
My topic now seems funny to me for some reason.
y R y sigh W
I feel empowered when I withdraw.
R W laugh y R W R y W R



A laugh Bl y R sigh
I'm feeling happy.
L l F y Bh

A Bl y R L F
I'm suddenly seeing uncertainty and dissatisfaction turn into a sense of adventure.

Realisation: The good memories and the love and care of my childhood aren't lost. My mother is still there, and she connects me to my childhood even more than my old home.


I feel good but I don't feel like the topic is done and I want to continue.

Say? I feel incredibly empowered, happy and thrilled. I feel like I can do anything and I realised that my home can be taken from me, but my memories can't, and the memories are what counts.

Condition? Happy, fulfilled, much better than the apathy at the SOS.

SUSHI score +6/10

End of session

Right column
FDSing - Paul - 2007-06-28a
FDSing - Paul - 2007-06-28b
FDSing - Paul - 2007-06-30
FDSing - Paul - 2007-07-01
FDSing - Robert - 2008-12-03a
FDSing - Robert - 2008-12-03b
Loved One - Robert - 2008-11-20a
Loved One - Robert - 2008-11-20b
Ruds/L1C - Robert - 2012-04-14


False Data Stripping

FDSing - Paul - 2007-06-28a

The False Data Stripping (FDSing) sessions reproduced here are to do with the subject of Scientology and contain jargon from that area. Some of the terminology is explained in brackets, but not all. Just skip it if it is too strange.

(Nov 2008 explanatory comments in brackets)



Topic: What is a thetan (Scientology word for spirit)

Well-rested? OK
Well-fed? OK
No drugs/alcohol? OK
No distractions? OK
Enough time? OK
Willing? OK
Else? OK

1:38 pm TITS (This is the session = Start of session)

Doing? OK. Interested, but kinda so-so generally. Maybe slightly short of sleep (7 1/2 hours). Maybe need to drink water but too lazy to get up.


Q1. How the GE (genetic entity - Scn concept) fits in with the hara/core star & aura (Barbara Brennan concepts) generally

FD? ***GE is a SEPARATE entity that enters body, separate to thetan.***

From? Hubbard, HOM (History of Man, a book)

Where me? vague

1:42 Rub Y
in bed at Stonelands (building), with big lamp, reading HOM
lots of locks on this - later times I've wondered about this GE entering the body.

Actually, there is a larger FD:

***GE is a separate entity that is IN the body***


this ties into an earlier, more basic, FD: ***Hubbard is always right***

address more basic FD, Rub & Yawn with more basic concept...

OK, the fog has gone, but I'm not sure if this DATUM has blown.
So do FDS procedure on new datum, "Hubbard is always right"

Note this is a later datum hanging up the earlier one.

Source? Personal decision, me

When? 1976

Where u? Desk, Letter Registration section, by window

Where source? N/A (not applicable)

U doing? I was very happy. It was a big stable datum - just assume Hubbard is right about everything.

Bit foggy about lead-up to this though.



Nothing. It's gone (FD). That's actually a BIG FD. Important to realize I've reinforced that decision MANY times over the years, obvious as it is.

Say? Hot stuff. wowsah. Not sure how to write it up (i.e. how to reprogram the procedure) but wowsah.

2:04 E of S (end of session)

Note: Needs audio commands to exert more control.


(Nov 2008 note: This was a research session to help get the Robot procedure correct. It was corrected shortly afterwards and should be fine now)

FDSing - Paul - 2007-06-28b

(Nov 2008 explanatory comments in brackets)

PaulsRobot False Data Stripping Module


20070628b (2nd session today)

Topic: Metering (using an E-meter in Scientology)

Well-rested? OK
Well-fed? OK
No drugs/alcohol? OK
No distractions? OK
Enough time? OK
Willing? OK
Else? OK

9:25 am
3b. Can't apply? Stuff about Clear Reads, Male + Female.
I KNOW it's BS, but still got an answer on it. (Analytically I know it's rubbish, but the point still flashed to mind in answer to the question. in other words, it looks like there is still something there that needs to be addressed. If it was all fine, it wouldn't have flashed to mind like that.)


FD is ***Hubbard's meter stuff is true***

Source? Rufus Price! Y

When? 1976
Where u? Letter Registration section
Where src? at his desk

9:28 Rub Y Y
something about Trumbull Jackson, Y
saying re Peggy Billitch he saw what Hubbard was saying, people
checked out clear and had to read with that TA
that one (FD) is flat, blown, but there's more basic one(s) re metering


more basic? yes, but dunno what

Rub YY
something about Gibby Niehus - Y - and his Stage 4 needle that no-one can do anything about his case
9:35 dunno what FD is
9:36 Y
something about Gibby is CLEAR, 1st goal clear or something, but can't be handled

I have a misunderstanding on what a first goal clear is

How's datum now? (FD of Hubbard's meter data is true)

too vague re 3 and 2 (Male and female clear reads), not true, unknown re all the other stuff.

OK. Continue FDSing on metering. (The particular FD I was addressing has blown, but there are other related FDs.)

How come Hubbard got all that data re HOM, but others didn't?

FD? ***Lots of research cases confirmed the data***

Source? Me
When? 1978
Where u? Letter Reg section at my desk
u doing? Dictating a letter and thinking about HOM (book)
How look? N/A
9:46 no yawns, it's blown.

Gonna end off

Say? Good stuff. Need to tidy up the procedure to run more control as it is too easy to Q & A (Q&A = get distracted off the straight and narrow).

9:47 E of S

Condition? OK

(Nov 2008 comment: bit sloppy in the middle! But note how the Rub & Yawn opened up my perception of the events.)

FDSing - Paul - 2007-06-30

(Nov 2008 explanatory comments in brackets)



Topic: Scientology! - LOL (it's ironic to FDS Scientology)

Well-rested? OK
Well-fed? OK
No drugs/alcohol? OK
No distractions? OK
Enough time? OK
Willing? OK
Else? OK


(I didn't note what question prompted this answer)

Time frames

FD? ***Universe is 4 quadrillion years old***

Source? Hubbard
When? When I saw the OT3 pack around 1980

Where? Courseroom at the AO (AO = advanced organization)

W? Pack, desk in front of me

U doing? Reading the pack

Pack doing? N/A

Look? Handwritten

E/S? (earlier similar)
HOM (book History of Man), 76 trillion years

Where FD from? Hubbard, HOM

When? Reading in bed at Stonelands (about 1973)
Where? same
u doing? reading in bed
source doing? just lying there
look? white pages, black print

E/S? no


9:05 It blew just after spotting this as the E/S
9:06 (no yawns)

Recheck question re topic of Scientology, maybe is there anything in this subject I couldn't think with?

Body thetans as NO other source in the world talks about them, and so many people say Hubbard has it wrong. Barbara Brennan says nothing about them.

FD? ***BTs exist, in profusion***

Where from? LRH
When? About 1980
Where? OT3 course room AO
Source? Pack, in front of me. Mark Jefford (supervisor) was there too, smoking
u doing? studying
source doing? just lying there. actually, I was sitting on the toilet reading the pack. I got the idea when reading about the 36 days and getting packaged.
Look? authoritative

E/S? CBR. Reinforced it. (This is a more basic incident, although not earlier in time)

9:12 Y Y Y Y Y Y
not just CBR but all those 1000s of "OTs" who validated it"
— charge is coming off LATER LOCKS, like being at DM&A (employer in 2003) and thinking of OTs like Janet Lonon going along with the flow when she's really a sensible lady.
And Ted Wells too, and he's a SMART guy.
9:20 Y Y Alan C Walter too!

IMPORTANT!! Rub takes off locks (lock = minor charged incldent similar to main incident) of others later in time validating the earlier FD by their agreement with it.

Y Y Y NOTs material, *something* must be getting audited on these levels
9:23 Y

It's blown. Good stuff. No more yawns coming off, and I discharged the last of the locks - keyed out.

Say? No. Hot stuff, but need to get it right before I release it. (i.e. get the Robot procedure right before I put it online)

9:27 E of S

FDSing - Paul - 2007-07-01

(Nov 2008 explanatory comments in brackets)



Topic: Scientology!

Well-rested? OK
Well-fed? OK
No drugs/alcohol? OK
No distractions? OK
Enough time? OK
Willing? OK
Else? OK


(I didn't note original question, maybe Is there anything in Scn I couldn't think with?)

***HOW COME Hubbard is always right?***

in KSW, he rose above the bank

Source? me
when? On Hubbard Practising Dn Course around 1978,
Mark McQuade's course room, Dianetics Today course, Saint Hill

Maybe it was at Saint Mary's

u doing? dunno
source doing? dunno
look? dunno

7:43 feeling a bit downtone as not getting the data


Nothing, no yawns, no increase in tone

ARCH (Arthur Hubbard) HYLBTL (Have You Lived Before This Life, Hubbard book) is somehow inspired, and is an illustration that is above normal men's (illustrations)

What's the FD?

Rub x

no, E/S Incident [illegible] is better. HOM. How come he's right while reading HOM. Is he God?

Source? Me. uh-oh. It's not a datum that I've got.
It's a question. Either rephrase it into a datum, or abandon it.

***LRH rose above the bank, and no-one else can***

Source? Hubbard
HAS Course, while reading KSW

Where? London Org, Basic Courses room
? pack, on my lap
u doing? reading, lack of mass
source doing? on lap
look? tatty

Rub Y Y he's just full of shit!

true data = layers of Scn onion (Excellent online article by Brian Ambry)

Y blown!

Good realization re true data = onion layers article

Recheck Q

no, still yawning Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
yawns still coming off on LRH's infallibility
8:00pm Y x
8:03 FD blown

Should change instructions to include if bogged, going back and checking you did each step right.


8:03 E of S

FDSing - Robert - 2008-12-03a

False data stripping
dec 03 2008 -- topic = habit 1

11:00 am

OK (= sessionable)


Q1 - it's a perfect solution to social inability

source? Me ... smile, laugh --- blow

Q1 - it's better than anything else

source Me
when? 1981 or so
where -- blow

Q1 - i have to prove myself, only to myself, doesn't make sense, not real
source - me
when 1981
where my room at parent's house in colo
doing? pondering
look? it didn't quite add up, but one benefit overshadowed the other data so i forgot about it -- blow

Feel really freed up

want to take the win

say? just feel great!

11:25am - EOS

FDSing - Robert - 2008-12-03b

December 3, 2008, pauls robot
False DataStripping - Habit #1

Ok to start

Q1. it's a suffiecient substitute minus the risk

source? book
6th grade - 1978
my room sitting on my bed facing west toward the door at my parents house -- smile, blow

very happy

Q1 - i'm not acceptable socially

source? kids at school
when? elementary school
where? elementary school
whre source? playground in front of me - smile


Q1 - I'm not allowed to interact with others with the same freedom and power that they

interact with each other -- Y

source? Me
when? blow laughing happy, feel free and light smiling

Q1 - i'm a loser

source - don't know ... laughing smiling blow


Q1 - Must do it everyday, as often as possible, it will keep me alive that's ridiculous!! blow

Q1 - i'm not good enough to approach things the normal way, noone will like, everyone will reject and humuliate me

source ME? -- blow big smile

cog -- it's not the truth, just a perception i had


Q1 it's the only option

source? me blow

Q1 it's important to do it

source: magazine
when? 7th grade
where? in garage of my parents home about 1 foot in front of work bench
where source? in my hands ... smile blow

cog -- it doesn't matter if I do it or not

out of time

say? really feel freed up in this area !!! Great Session !!

doing ... feeling good, smile is ready to burst


Loved One

Loved One - Robert - 2008-11-20a

Session - Loved One


C/s - 1. clean up attention
All of module A, B, and C for Person A

START 1:03 pm

Note - runing session at work so it will be a little choppy.

Attn on anything? Y -- I H M S

R&W IHMS -- R y W y laugh y Ry W laugh 40 sec R y feels better, not so heavy.

6D A y, laugh y B- y laugh smile R- y smile L - y cog - not so important, doesn't matter. smiling

--- couldn't find the way to navigate back to the attn it to myself

Attn? I A L 1:15pm

R&W - R y, W y smile, R y seems like going right through my topic. smile happy laugh

6D - A y, B y there's nothing there - SMILE, R y, L y feels like I A L is fading. F - yy

smile, B y smile, happy near laughing, nothing else there, hard to access.


Attn? IW

R&W Ry Wy big smile, r y laugh, W y laugh, R y smile, W y, R y laugh W y laugh very big smile, R y IW is confined in space, W y I am seperate from IW smile, feeling freer and happy !

6D - a y, B y smile, R y, L y laugh, F y, B y, laugh very big smile happy IW doesn't matter, free from it. laugh

1:36 pm
Attn? I N G

R&W - R y, sigh smile W y, laugh, it's just an idea, smiling

6D - A y smiling, B y laughing 1 min, R y smile, L y smile laugh 2 min, i'm very happy

love myself! I'm awesome !


Going to end off for now.


Say? I really like the session. Dealt with a few things rapidly and powerfully. Left me in a great place. Loved it, and even did it at work!

Loved One - Robert - 2008-11-20b





R&W R yyy Wy there's nothing there, just an idea! smile Ry fragments left Wy I can get really far away from it. Ry - only has apparancy of being solid, barely there at all. W y instantly small. smile smile very happy !

6D A y, B y I'm in charge of it ! smile SMILE very happy

ATTN? IW -- (again from last session.)

R&W R y, W y smile, laugh this is fun !!

6D - Ay By laugh smile Ry not me, Ly, Fy, By, Ay smile, By it's not even in my universe - smile, Ry smile, Ly, Fy smile, By Ay smile, By getting indistinct, Ry msile, Ly not real, Fy, By under my control -

feeling powerful and happy



ATTN? Bob -- feeling sad for him

R&W R y smile, W y laugh laugh SMILE, Ry SMILE something things about Bob haven't explored, but that's ok

6D Ay laugh Byyyyyy R y laugh smile, L laugh, Fyyyy smile, B y laugh smile Ay smile By laugh - doesn't matter ... very happy

ATTN? mom & girls

R&W Ryyyyy smile W laugh smile laugh very funny

6D Ay laugh cant stop laughing,...getting in good shape, fun!




ATTN? IW - again

R&W Ry smile, W laugh, Ry smile laugh it's in more locations than I thought, Wy smile Ry i can totally reach it Wyyy feels good Ry everyone thinks IW for the most part Ry laugh W y smile i can always move a little bit away from it SMILE Ry smile W y laugh laugh SMILE


5:01 pm

6D Ay smile, By laugh 30 sec sigh SMILE, FEELS GOOD ITS OK

ATTN? xmas

R&W Ry Wy smile
Ry laugh W laugh -- this is fun!

6D Ay laugh Byyyyyy Ry laugh y L y smile y Fy smile By laugh 10 sec smile Ayy Byyyyyy laugh R y laugh L yy laugh30 sec it's ok, i love it great time


ATTN? other peoples perceptions of me

R&W Ry Wy
Ry laugh y Wyy smile
Ry very general topic Wy laugh freeing up smile

6D Ay y smile By laugh Ry Ly They aren't anywhere Fy shrug smile By laugh this is goofy to be concerned about that. smile


freeing things up ... feeling empowered

say? I think handling all this stuff is good, it seems like it's all stuff that blocks my connections with others. feeling more confident.

Ruds/L1C - Robert - 2012-04-14

C/s 6 Ruds on the topic of Work

ELSE? just ate, have limited time, ~ 10 minutes.

6:51 pm
6:53 pm
ARCX? yes, i'm angry
What? feel lonely and squashed, frustrated, depressed, sad, helpless, resentful, powerless, obeying everyone, incompetent

Note: Robert's preferred method of checking if something is hot or still charged is muscle testing. S = strong resistance, W = weak resistance and M = medium resistance. The way he does it is not always simple, so I have explained some of it below (with his help!).

YARCU? A - S, Y R - S, Y C W, Y U S, Y ... lolARCU? A M,Y R S, Y vgi F/N, S, VGI laughing /smiling

Here is a translation of the above paragraph. Remember that unless you are a session supervisor trying to decipher someone else's notes, the only person who will read your session notes is likely to be yourself. It is easy to assume that you will know what your abbreviations mean, but quite honestly, I sometimes have trouble figuring out what I meant later with my own session notes, so it is often a good idea to make your notes clearer after the session.

(yawn) I'll figure out if it is a break in affinity, reality, communication or understanding.
Break in affinity? (Strong resistance here = read), (yawn)
Break in reality? (Strong resistance here = read), (yawn)
Break in communication? (Weak resistance here = no read), (yawn)
Break in understanding? (Strong resistance here = read), (yawn)

(laughing out loud)
So is it a break in affinity, reality, communication or understanding?
Break in affinity? (Medium resistance here = indecisive), (yawn)
Break in reality? (Strong resistance here = read), (yawn), (very good indicators)
(Floating needle) [figurative, as no meter in use], (Strong resistance here = ARCX handled)
(Very good indicators)
(laughing /smiling)

PTP - 6:57 pm
PTP? Y, S/Y .... Laugh / VGIVGI

6:58pm S/ Y .... Yes VGI

OVERT ---7:00pm
overt? VGI / Laugh I feel good = cog

INVAL - 7:01 pm
inval? yes , Y/ S
What? inval of self and work VGI --- OH!!! Self Inval!!! yawn
E/S Inval? whole life I've been inval my work VGI laugh cog

Eval - 7:04pm
Yes I've eval
others are evaluating me,
and my person eval is that my work isn't up to snuff Laugh / VGI Y

E/S Eval? spotting multiple times Yawn ... also as MWH whole life many evals of work and comptence others evals of me orienting life to get pos eval from others about me very early this life --- ~ age 2 or 3 or 4 on evalu of family sit

feel very bright .... early ARCX with fam and MWH in career and school

out of time for session. will handle others next time.

SAY? WOW - Really great session. I'm always amazed at how well these robot sessions work!
made some nice break throughs, and insights. Feeling much better! Restored enthusiasm for work!!

SUDS - 1 SUSHI - 8

End of Session - 7:12pm