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My dream is that you use free Rub & Yawn stress-release procedures today and in the future to improve your life — Paul

Rub & Yawn Testimonials 2007 - 2012

There are over 100 English testimonials here, some from PaulsRobot but all for the same Rub & Yawn procedure it is based on.

Some of them are reproduced below.

Rub & Yawn Text Version

JanetI had a look at your web site and as I touched things and yawned the problem became more distant. Because I could disassociate then I could solve the problem fairly easily. — Patricia Irvine 2007

JanetI have been yawning all day. What a great way to start a day! I can't wait to tell others about you. — Janet Bronte 2007

DaveYour yawning techniques are great! Far too many people are stagnant and this gets everything moving again. — Dave Sunerton-Burl 2007

LinaI kept yawning the whole week - it does work! It is very interesting experience actually, as soon as I start yawning I feel much better in a couple of minutes and I keep smiling, can not explain why, just happens! — Lina Bourdon 2007

It discharged so much emotion.....Someone hurt me badly and I mean really badly. THANK YOU SO MUCH — JT, Connecticut, USA 2009-10-04

Saravjit I visited and tried out your technique. It is brilliant and it works! It is fascinating to be connected to a soul who is contributing so much to all of us and helping us relieve the residual poison of modern life - personal stress. — Saravjit Singh 2007

GuyInteresting technique - I found it relaxing and energising. — Guy Tweedale 2007

YouTube Yawnguy Videos

NimsyI watched your youtube video, which I found amazing. I went along and did the technique while you were explaining it, and found that the problem I was working on unblocked and cleared. I definitely found the technique useful and will be using it again. — Nimsy Sleep Tips

This video had me feeling as light as a cloud for days...I was just feeling vibrant from the inside, very happy, like the weight of the world I had been carrying around dissipated . . . It was a priceless, euphoric feeling . . . I had gone for so long feeling immense stress 24/7, and the after effect was the most genuine, serene, happy feeling I have ever felt or recall feeling. It was like I could once again experience the way I saw the world as a carefree happy child, very in control of my thoughts. — [Message Board post] Pocky 2008-08-29

CliffordPaul, you are brilliant. Just tried your Rub and Yawn tech. Got it going after doubts at start. Laughed an awful lot as well, felt very good and free. — Clifford Taylor 2010-06-06

YouTube Yawnguy Videos (continued)

YonI was feeling some incredible discomfort, energy/effort ridges and misemotion — I was in really rough shape. I watched the YouTube video and followed the instructions, three times in a row. It was WONDERFUL to create some space between me and some of those ridges. At the end there was a very pleasant release. I'm still feeling pretty good. Thanks for the session! — Yon Vetter Cole 2010-03-02


I have enjoyed all the work you have done. The Robot [Facilitator] was very creative, the Rub & Yawn is very useful and it really works. Sometimes I just rub my hands when I am tired in the morning and the yawns come in, suddenly I am awake and revitalized. Thank you for you contributions!!! Message Board post — Camille M. 2009-07-26

I did a session with your robot and I found it most valuable if correctly done. Within an hour it helped me in gaining much more control over mental pictures. The amazing thing is that this produced lasting tangible effects in everyday life: some unwanted automatic reactions have completely disappeared! Thank you very much for this tool! — Nico, Italy

Little BroI continue to be a big fan of PaulsRobot. I have tried various sessions online and personally attest to its effectiveness. — Little Bro 2012-11-21 [Facebook link requires FB sign-in first]

Wonderful ways to fix and unfix attention and to gradiently get the person familiar with the differences between - spirit - mind - body - and the physical universe. Plus the price is right. Well done! — Alan C. Walter [in a 2007-4-11 post to a message board].

Took another longstanding negative thought form, and let go of many aspects of it that had actually acted like glue but I had never taken a look at before. It was extremely freeing. I feel very empowered that I never have to get stuck in that mind trap again! AWESOME STUFF!! — Robert 2008-05-08 re PaulsRobot (HeavyDuty)

NicholasGreat Stuff! I wish I had found out about this kind of thing many years ago. The Core Rub & Yawn process works wonders. When done correctly the results are amazing. — Nicholas Cope, Shropshire, UK 2010-06-19

I have really appreciated the service. Couldn't have gotten through this stressful year without the Rub & Yawn. — PaulsRobot Subscriber 2011-06-07

WOW - Really great session. I'm always amazed at how well these robot sessions work! Made some nice break throughs, and insights. Feeling much better! Restored enthusiasm for work!! — Robert, Denver, Colorado USA 2012-04-14 re PaulsRobot Ruds module

RonI tried it [PaulsRobot] and it works. — Ron Bible 2012-11-08

I use PaulsRobot a lot and I find it awesome! Message Board post — kate8024 2014-02-22